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From: David Scott
Subject: Fantasies Cum True - Part 4There is just something about having my sweet innocent wife ordering me
around that really gets my cock hard. Now that all 5 of our guests had
been serviced I was hoping that it was my turn. Janet had left the room
to get something. young lolita pre teens Two of the guys were sitting in the kitchen, two were
on the couch and one was MIA. Janet returned with a cock ring and told
me to put it on, which I did. I love having a cock ring around the base
of nuts. It makes it throb and young lolita 12 year
pulse so much. She then told me that she
wanted me to fuck her while she sucked some cock. She took off her pants
and had me sit on the couch so she could mount me. Then she told the 2
guys in the kitchen to come over so she could fill her mouth with their
cocks. I pushed my rock hard cock deep inside of her and she started to
suck cock under age lolitas hard
like she hadn't had any in years. I love watching my wife
swallow cock, and now I got to watch her suck free vidio lolita sex
off two complete strangers
just inches from my face. She then said that she wanted to have her clit
sucked while she was being fucked and ordered one of the guys between her
legs. So there's my wife, with a cock in her cunt, a cock in her mouth
and a toplist lolita girl nude tongue on her clit. She was just going nuts. I could feel the
tongue of the guy doing the licking run from her pussy down to my balls
and then back up again. She was close to letting it go and she was being
encouraged by Mike to cum all over my cock. Then Tony told her that he
wanted to fuck me in the ass while I was fucking her. She got off me and
fell to all fours and told me to fuck her from behind so that Tony could
get his cock in my ass while I was fucking her.With every push of his cock into my ass, my cock pushed into her pussy.
Then one of the guys climbed under her so she could suck his cock while
he would lick her clit. I think that is what pushed her over the edge.
Just the thought of my ass filled with cock while she was being fucked
and licked. She just let it go. And it went for minutes. She was
dripping sweat and could maintain herself any long and collapsed to the
floor. I rolled her over on to her back and put my cock between her tits
and started fucking her cleavage. I needed to let my load out. Steve
grabbed my cock right when I was about to cum and jerked me all over her
nipples, tits and face. I had a little loli lolita models huge load built up. Then he went down
and started to clean it with his mouth while he was pulling on my cock.
Then he sucked whatever was left in my shaft down his throat. That was
the best orgasm that I had ever had.I had to get something to drink, so I went into the kitchen to try to
catch my breath and cool down. When I came back into the room, the guys
were all sucking each other off. Janet had moved onto that couch."Snowball, come over here and watch this with me." She said.I sat down next to her on the couch."You like watching guys suck cock don't you?" She said. "Watch him suck
his cock. Watch how he loves that smooth hard flesh to slide in and out
of his mouth. Makes you wonder why all guys don't just suck each other
off doesn't it? I know that you love cock. You love the smell of it.
The taste of it. Your such a cock hungry faggot aren't you?"She reaches down and pinches my nipples really hard."Tell me. Tell that your a faggot and you love cock" She says as she
pinches my nipples even harder"I love cock" I say, feeling the burning twists on my nipples"And..." Janet demands"And I love the way it feels in my mouth" I reply"And..." She say again, this time really causing my some pain"And I'm a faggot" I scream out."That's right your a faggot. Your my little snowballing faggot
husband." She says, then bites my ear "Your going to be more than my
little faggot aren't you? You gonna do everything that I tell you to do."Yes ma'am, what ever you want." I whimper back"That's yes sir, bitch" She sternly replies back "I'm the man in this
relationship not you. That's the way you've always wanted it and now I
realize that's what I want to. Get on knees and suck my pussy while I
watch these guys suck cock."So for the next few hours I was ordered around by her and told to service
anyone that wanted to be serviced, either with my mouth or my ass.When the night was over, my ass and mouth were so sore I felt like I was
beat with a stick.The next morning I had such a difficult time getting up for work, but I
managed. In the shower I had a strange thought. When I woke up Saturday
morning after the round of sex Friday night, I did not feel the soreness
that I was feeling now. I got dressed and went to work. But the more I
thought about it, the more it just didn't seem right. I finally spoke to
Janet at about noon. I asked her when I was going to get to see that
video tape from Friday night."I'll show it to you when I think you deserve it, snowball" she jokingly
replied. "Make sure you're home on time tonight, I have plans""Yes sir" I replied semi jokingly."You got that right bitch, and don't forget who has the bigger cock in
this family, Fagboy." She replied.When I got home that evening we ate then sat on the couch to watch some
tv. I asked her about her plans that she had for the evening."Oh, well they fell through, so I'm just gonna stay at home with you" she
said."But what were your plans?" I replied."I was going to go work out, but my trainer wasn't feeling well." She
said.Being that there was nothing on TV, I asked Janet if she would like to
watch that video from Friday night."You can watch that as soon as you bring home a guy on your own and suck
him off in front of me" She quickly responded."And how is that fair?" I shot back."It doesn't have to be fair. That's the way it is." She said. "If you
want to watch that tape, then bring me home a treat"So, there was my dilemma. Now I have to bring home a guy. How the hell
was I supposed to do that?The under age lolitas hard next few day the only thing that I could think about was how to
approach another guy and tell him that I want to suck his cock and I want
to do it in front of my dominating wife. I couldn't ask anyone I knew.
I would have to go out and troll gay bars to find someone. So there I
am, going into gay bars looking for action. Wow, talk about an awkward
feeling. Then it happened, I saw someone that I knew. Someone from
work. Someone that I knew, or at least thought I knew, wasn't gay. Do I
approach him? No. I decide to not, but I do decided to make sure that
he sees me. Maybe he'll approach me. I can see him in the reflection preteen lolita in thong in
a mirror and I know that he has seen me. Then it happens, he comes up to
me and asks what I'm doing there."I should ask you the same thing" I say."Well it's fairly obvious. I'm hear with my girlfriend trying to pick up
a guy for a threeway" he says. "And you? What are you doing here?""Well, my wife told me to bring home a guy. She told me that she wants
to watch me suck some cock." I said, figuring I might as well be honest."Hmmmm, is she into girls" he asked."God, I wish. But no, she just gets off on watching me suck cock" I said
"Which is fine with me, because I love to suck cock"We head back to his girlfriend and sit down and talk. I tell them about
the video and how Janet has become dominating. Terry's girl fiend
understands and says that if I want I can bring Terry home for a quick
blow-job, that she'll wait in umderage lolitas 13 17
the car.Terry follows me back home. We enter the house and I yell out for Janet."Honey, I'm home" I say. "And I have a guest with me""What!, who?" she say as she gets off the couch."You remember Terry don't you?" I say"Oh, Terry. Hey, whats up." She says, sounding very disappointed."Yeah Janet, nice seeing you to" Terry says jokingly"No, it's not that I'm not happy to see you, it's just I thought that
maybe you were someone else" she explains."Really" I say "Who did you think I was bringing home? Someone you
didn't know?""Well yeah, I guess" She says.Terry then says "So then it's not ok for me to get my cock sucked by your
husband?"Janet's mouth just about hit the floor. Then Terry just smiled at her
and pulled his cock out. I immediately dropped to my knees and started
to suck him off. I pulled his pants down to his ankles and grabbed his
ass and swallowed him whole. I made him fuck my face and deep throat
him. I then looked over at Janet, who was still in shock. She was just
sitting there on the edge of the table in disbelief. I pulled Terry's
cock out of my mouth and started to stroke him with my hand and suck his
head. I want him to cum all over my face and mouth, which he happily did
a few moments later. I sucked all the remaining cum out of his now soft
cock and sent him on his way.After I thanked him and his girlfriend outside, I came back in to get my
reward."So, where's the video?" I said"Holy fucking shit! I can not believe that you just did that! Holy
fucking shit" Janet said."You said that if ..." I was interrupted by Janet "You weren't supposed
to do that""But..." I tried to continue "Oh my fucking God." She said lolita models nude 100 "Your not
going to believe this""Believe what" I said."Well, last week, when we out and you got really really drunk. I kinda
decided to play a trick on you. You see, those pictures I showed you
were not of real cocks on your face, they are just the toys we play with,
and that stuff you thought was cum? Not." She says"But, who were the guys that were here on Sunday then?" I ask."Mike? That's my trainer. He was just gonna stop by to finish up the
joke. You weren't supposed to actually suck his cock let alone do
anything that you did. I talked to him Saturday and told him what I was
doing, he volunteered to help. He's gay and so are his 4 friends that
were with him. They were on their way to a basketball game. The thing
is, once you started sucking his cock, he figured what the hell. And his
friends figured what the hell. Didn't you notice that none of them
seemed in the least bit interested in me?" She said.
Everything happens for a reason. It's been only 10 days since I turn bi,
and it's been the greatest thing that has ever happened. If your
bi-curious, get off the fence and suck some cock, you WILL love it.Peace
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